Raijan Air Exclusive Flight RA069 01MAY08


Marketta ready for takeoff


Tuomikukka getting her hair ready


Maire getting treatment from our lips specialist at Raijan Air Headquarters


Maire had a break and chilling out after an aerobic class hour


Tuomikukka ready to go


Tuomikukka has heard that talking to flowers make them growing faster


Our new Indian captain and Tuomikukka are planning coming layover


Should we ask for a connection room?


Maire and Tuomikukka


Marketta using our new cutting-edge booking system. Maire and Tuomikukka follow behind.


On our crew headquarters elevator - on the way to our duty


As recycling is the term of today, also Raijan Air wants to be in time. Trying to find out some recyclable meals for our special passengers


Tuomikukka came to help in selection


Juulia ready to go


Maire ready for PR tour


Tuomikukka and Juulia training pushing-back-the-passenger method to prevent passengers to enter the cockpit




Raija and her new hair style


This man was a lucky winner of our monthly draw. He got a change to get lessons what kind of drinks you can make out of BombayGin


Raijan Air Crew 08 ready for PR tour


Crew on the way to duty


Our first landing was at Ruoholahti R-kioski


Maire having her official work smile


Maire and Marketta enjoying the sunny day


Juulia got a phone call from her mother


Raijan Air crew planned their PR tour in Helsinki


Juulia ready for promo tour


Maire was asking, why people are queueing?


She found out that people were queueing apartments!


On the way to Cafe Ursula


Raija and Maire were amazed how many people were willing to fly with us


We told to FD staff that they will always get lowest priced flights and best service onboard


Surface was not always optimal for our trolley - some turbulence on the way


Raijan Air made a mini demonstration in Kaivopuisto and got some hang around fans around


...and the reason was clear soon - our lovely colleagues from BA


Boys were begging us to have sauna with them, but we preferred photo shooting


Raijan Air and promo car




Tuomikukka and one of our regular platinum passengers


Tuomikukka hanged herself to the fence for demonstration but later on free'ed herself as Marketta realised that it was not a fence of Chinese Embassy


Tuomikukka and Raija trying to reach our crew shuttle bus driver



Raijan Air on the crew bus


Raija counting daily allowance from this PR trip


Marketta waiting for next stop


Juulia got a phone call from her lover


Raijan Air landed in Karhupuisto for promoting new drink special, Karhunpennun jaffa


Tuomikukka eating donits


Marketta having her coffee


Juulia and Marketta doing PR work for potential new customer


Maire got also some coffee


Marketta enjoying the taste of coffee


Raija wasn't sure about her munkki


Captain talked with our regular customer


Maire forgot her LV purse to Istanbul. Luckily we have DHL!


Juulia serving champagne as Raija was shivering from cold. Indian ladies are not used to cold Scandinavian weathers


Tuomikukka wanted to try how it would feel to work as a kiosk lady


Having a coffee break in the Karhupuisto park




This horny passenger wanted to lick Marketta


Our brand new trolley


Tuomikukka and one of our party hosts


Tuomikukka and another passenger


Tuomikukka did active marketing









This half naked passenger wanted to have special services from Maire


Maire and Maharadja of Turkmenisthan


Marketta gave Indian Head Massage to our Platinum Class passenger


Helen was off duty


Maire and Juulia discussed about our benefits program with passengers


On the way to Lhasa


Our colleaagues tasting Finnish sima


Marketta and lovely hosts of the party


Tuomikukka is hiding passengers eyes while Maire was setting catheter on


After successful operation also our passenger was smiling


Lovely colleagues from BA enjoyed our PR tour in Helsinki


Juulia and Raija explained tried to recruit new crew from the street party


Tuomikukka and some passengers


Tuomikukka in crew bus


It was the time for crew meal break. Marketta and Tuomikukka relaxing


Raija was really unsatisfied for crew behaviour. She demanded more selling attitude


Marketta crossing her fingers


Juulia tired after such a hectic trolley pushing


Raija and Marketta discussed about marketing plans


Tuomikukka wanted to have her pasta immediately as she was starving!


See the size of a single portion


Marketta and Tuomikukka posed for camera


Restaurant Rivoletto had a cute waiter working. Marketta was blinking her eye for him


Raija was banging our captain as he asked for sex with Raija


Raija pushing trolley


Tuomikukka told facts of our new destinations, Allipalli and Siruguppa to possible passengers


Timo and the crew



Raija listening passenger's stories where they've been


Maire, Juulia and our Platinum passenger


Tuomikukka was really worried about her lipliner


Raija and one of our passenger


Tuomikukka was on a happy mood


Maire and Marketta hugged by the same First class passenger



Raijan Air got some passengers also from East Europe


Tuomikukka made some announcements



Juulia was shocked about the amount of sprits passenger were drinking!


Maire and Juulia were talking about some lezzie passengers


Raijan Air crew with our crew bus driver


Such a looong day.. Waiting a lift back to headquarters


Completely tired Maire


Some passengers thought that Juulia was re-inkarnation of Benasir Bhutto


Raija desperately waving for Tibet


X-rated pics from Crew lounge. Tuomikukka and Raija played with our captain in Crew lounge


Captain escaped to cockpit lobby...


...and Tuomikukka and Raija had sooo much fun


Thank you Teppo. Thank you Juha! Without your helping hands we wouldn't be there!