Raijan Air Exclusive Flight RA69 01MAY09

Dear passengers. Raijan Air is delighted to publish latest pics from our PR tour in Helsinki, on the 1st of May, 2009. More pics and videos will be updated in coming days so please keep coming back. Also official portrait will be published.

Making Raijan Air is hard work and loads of chemicals are needed. However, our flights are always very eco-friendly.

Artist at work with Tuomikukka

Maire is fitting tights.

Juulia and Teppo, blowing her hair.

Raija after cosmic radiation preventive wig installation.

Marketta posing for Studio photo shooting

Helen after suckcessful photo shooting session

Juulia with observing passenger

Raija against the wall

Tuomikukka and shy smile

Juulia and Maire posing for camera

Maire and studio reflectors

Raija posing

Juulia telling to Maire where she gonna fly next week: Paris, Brussels and Stockholm. Oh it so hard to work with Raijan Air!

Raijan Air sitting in a tram, after mind blowing demoshow.

Raija waiting for her daily coffee.

Tuomikukka and one of our Platinum passengers.

Weather was just perfect and so was coffee!

Helen and Maire making strategy plan.

We gave special service for our fashion designer and his friend.

Teemu with Marketta

Marketta was exploring bushes for possible hidden explosives.

Juulia and Raija double checked the same bushes. Nothing suspicious found!

Raija with Miss T.

Raija wanted personally thank Teppo for making all hair so pretty!

Raija's sugar lips with a glass of champagne.

Maire was collecting empty glasses from the tourist class.

Raija and Tuomikukka talking about special services onboard.

Raijan Air preparing for safety demo.

Suspicious man walking behing the corner with 2 of our Raijan Air girls.

Dreaming on a flight with Raijan Air.

Hosts and Raijan Air

Helen's lipline fixing in the park.

Juulia with Tuomikukka.

Tuomikukka and Maire checking out, what was the reason to call cabin attendants to Business Flat Bed sector.

Juulia with one of our platinum passengers.

Adding some lipstick. Raija is concentrating...

..and vice versa.

Looks much better now!

Juulia got also some filling to her lips.

Tuomikukka is showing how to take unforgettable bracing position in case of an emergency landing.

On a crew bus.

We took some our special passengers with us to have more fun on the bus!

French tourists and part of Raijan Air PR team.

Having a kebab in Eerikin Pippuri. Maire is looking at Juulia's breasts.

Tuomikukka is feeding rice for this passenger.

Helen got a piece of salad to her lungs, Marketta is clapping her back to remove it. Luckily we didn't need to make heimlich manouver :)

Tuomikukka is showing pics for her last layover in Bangkok.

This passenger was happy to test how Raijan Air life vests are exploding in real life!

Some of our Frequently Flying Passengers.

Checked baggage!

Having some aperetifs before the dinner service.

Champagne! Champagne for everybody!

Maire testing, that this cute passenger's safety belt is tight.

On the dance floor.

Raijan Air girls got tired and needed to rest a little bit.

Maire listening to passenger who had something to complain.

Finally at the hotel. Ready to sleep!