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Raijan Air on ad hoc flight 3th July, 2010

Raijan Air is flying ad hoc flight on Helsinki Pride with minimum cabin crew. Maire is having her vacation and meeting Italian gigolos and Tuomikukka is on a work camp - she couldn't get day off for this mission. Shame on his employee. RA will put embargo on all Bearpark service flights until further notice.
We are pushing our PR trolley from Senate Square to Hakasalmi park. Happy pride for everyone!

Pictures from our tour are added to our gallery.

[Published 3rd July 2010, Updated 4th July 2010]

Raijan Air operations cancelled on 1st of May, 2010

Raijan Air operations has been cancelled due to ash (ass) cloud problem. Our minimum cabin crew has stuck around the world and their rescue operation back to the homebase has been very complicated. Ongoing eruptions and volcano activity prevents further rescue operations at the moment.

Despite of cancellation Raijan Air wishes all Happy Mayday. Passengers who lost their connection flights should contact Raijan Air HQ for rerouting.

[Published 30 April 2010, Updated 30 April 2010]

New partnership services for Raijan Air passengers

Raijan Air has made an agreement with 2 good quality shops. Kamala, Indian restaurant in Paris and Paras pharmacy in New Delhi, India offers their services for Raijan Air passengers with some -6% discount. If your stomach gets upset in Delhi, you can always visit this high quality pharmacy.

[Published 29 April 2010]

Raijan Air latest photos published

Raijan Air survived from 1st of May without swine flu (so far). Latest pics are updated to our web gallery. Our crew ID pics were taken in the 70s, so it was also time to refresh those. New ID card pics can be found from our crew site. More pics and videos will be updated in coming days so please keep coming back.

[Published 3 May 2009, Updated 5 May 2009]

Raijan Air is ready for take-off

It's again Vappu in Finland and crew has prepared new safety procedures for this flight. As there's increase possibility to get swine flu while flying, we have decided to protect ourselves with breathing masks.

Also new web site is launched. We are ready to start boarding 1st of May in the early afternoon.

[Published 30 April 2009]

Raijan Air crew photos updated

Thanks to amazing fly-back-in-time service called, Raijan Air could have published real pictures of Raijan Air cabin crew. You can have a look to very realistic pics on our crew page.

[Published 9 September 2008]

Raijan Air is promoting new India openings this year

Raijan Air will open new routes from Helsinki to Allapalli and Siruguppa in India. These new small cities are characteristic with natural beauty. New pics from our Promo Tour in Helsinki can be found behind this link.

[Published 28 April 2008]

Raijan Air opened haute coiture fashion shop

Raijan Air has opened haute couture fashion shop and lingerie. Second hand in our slogan means that all these clothes has first touch by our fashion specialists to make all clothing feel more unique. You can see it and feel it. When you close your eyes and inhale, you can imagine to be in Tokyo after 14 hrs of working in the same clothing.

[Published 20 April 2008]

Raijan Air ESC Gallery now partly online

We have updated some photos already online, comments and more photos coming online on Tuesday and Wednesday. Have a look to our ESC Gallery.

[Published 14 May 2007]

Raijan Air Sigthseeing tours in co-operation with Viisukuppila

Raijan Air will make 4 sightseeing tours in Helsinki for Eurovision tourists with Koff Red Tram on Tuesday 8th May, 2007. Tram will leave from Mikonkatu in front of Grand Casino every hour @ 5pm, 6pm, 7pm and 8pm. Tickets 6 euro. This is a nice change to meet your celebrities in real! We will show you the exits and keep up the atmosphere together with pro DJ Werneri, playing Eurovision music. And Remember, that only 35 first (class) passenger are allowed for one ride. This is because we don't have more extension seat belts for the passengers and like in real aircrafts, double seating is not allowed.

[Published 7 May 2007]

BREAKING NEWS: Raijan Air called on duty for peace enforcement mission!

Raijan Air will take their next challange on a UN peace enforcement flight. Preparations for this top secret operation has been started and Raijan Air crew will make their final training in the downtown of Helsinki on the 1st of May, 2007. Raijan Air crew will train hiding from the public, protection of food and beverages in the rolling kitchen and sheltering trolley during the state of war. Our photographers catched huge amount of pictures, you can see photos in our gallery.

[Published 30 April 2007]

Raijan Air welcomes Eurovision Song Contest to Helsinki!

Raijan Air has prepared special flights during Helsinki Eurovision Song Contest. We are happy to serve you and show the best and the worst sightseeings in Helsinki! We wish good luck for all Eurovision Song Contest participants and looking forward to see you on our flights in Helsinki on May 2007!

[Published 28 April 2007]

Raijan Air Exclusive Global Marketing weekend

Raijan Air marketing team spred the word of our exclusive services in different marketing conventions around the world. Raija is joining Marketing Fair in Bermuda, UK, Helen took part for IATA meeting in Havanna, Cuba, Tuomikukka joined Marketing Conference in Cape Town, South Africa and Marketta visited Travel Fair in Helsinki. You can see location of our marketing appointments from this map.

[Published 20 January 2007]

Raijan Air flew back from Montreal Outgames

Raijan Air visit to Montreal Outgames was a big success. We got a lot of media attention, both TV and press media. In the games we achieved 2 gold and 1 silver medal. More details soon in our Outgames Special report.

[Published 28 August 2006]

Raijan Air extra Board meeting due to Finland's first ever win in the Eurovision Song Contest

Raijan Air will organise in few days extra board meeting, because Finland won surprisingy Eurovision Song Contest after 40 years of trying! Next May will be busy as we will operate flights from all destinations to Helsinki to bring as many Eurovision fans to Finland as possible. More details soon.

Photo source : Helsingin Sanomat/EBU

Raijan Air Promo Tour 1.5.2006

Raijan Air jumped again into their boots and got on the road. Latest pics behind this link.

This year our promo girls will make a tour in Helsinki again in Vappu Day (Mayday!). Hot spots from our promo tour you will find behind this link.

Raijan Air Season's Greetings 24.12.2005

Raijan Air has published their official Season's Greetings to all our satisfied customers and business partners. You can see our high quality choir singing seasonal song behind this link if the embedded video below doesn't work.

We apologize the weak quality of our Season's Greetings video but we can promise that service onboard is much higher in quality.

[Published 24 December 2005]


Raijan Air Flight 13.10.2005

Raijan Air joined the official opening of dtm VIP lounge system and celebrated dtm's 13th birthday. Surprisingly, our flight was overbooked - once again. All willing passengers didn't get in. Only those who had valid flight ticked were accepted.

Pics from our fabulous night out here.

[Published 4 October 2005]

Raijan Air board meeting

Raijan Air organised board meeting. The agenda was to plan coming flight program and celebrate Raija's promotion. She has been selected to the new management training program to Raijan Air. All other board members want to wish her good luck with the studies - we can make our airline even more exclusive then.

This board meeting was also official delivery meeting for new Raijan Air Exclusive uniforms. Next flight will be in October 2005. More info soon.

[Published 4 October 2005]

Raijan Air made new staff medical services agreement

Raijan Air has ended up successfully negociations with the new top level medical services and proudly pronounce to start co-operations with this clinic.

[Published 6 September 2005]

New Raijan Air Trolley Driving School is finally finished

Raijan Air crew training goes to new era, when our new crew training center has completed.

Our board opened officially the new crew training center, called RATDS (Raijan Air Trolley Driving School) last week and it offers facilities for both in-flight and after-flight training.

Raijan Air staff goes through heavy training period, where they manage to drive a trolley in all kinds of weather conditions, learn to give personal service for all kinds of passengers, learn to survive from layovers in different locations with other crew members, learn to give first aid for passengers and for themselves, learn to serve and to be served in several languages etc.

[Published 5 September 2005]

Raijan Air 2005 VIP hosting at Helsinki Games was a big success

Raijan Air VIP team delighted audience at Helsinki Games by pushing their trolley around the Stadium area. Some pics are available behind this link.

Iltalehti published our picture in their Friday edition on the 12th of August (Sport pages 8-9). We were among other celebrities, like his excellence Albert from Monaco, Ex minister of sports Suvi Linden and the president of Finland, Tarja Halonen.

Our last entre to media was on the 2nd of May, after our recruitment flight. Iltasanomat published picture and our story on their newspaper.

[Published 13 August 2005]

Raijan Air 2005 back in town

Raijan Air decided to return to Helsinki as we heard there might be lot of goodlooking tourists around for the Athletic games. You will find our promo tour in some places around Helsinki on Saturday, 6th August. We will host the opening ceremony of the Athletic games in Helsinki streets.

All of us passed very tight tests and we are now qualified as Exclusive VIP hostesses. See you!

[Published 6 Aug 2005]

Raijan Air 2005 Promo Tour

Raijan Air has successfully landed from their promotour in Helsinki. The day was a big success, we got many potential applications for our recruitment process. We will start going through those as soon as our legs are heeling from long distance walking.

We were noticed by Iltasanomat (2.5.2005) on the page 23. So if you haven't read it yet, quickly to buy it!

[Published 2 May 2005]

Raijan Air 2005 Promo Tour Schedule
(1st of May 2005)

09.00 Morning sauna (private)
11.00 Shiny legs and skin ready for make-up (private)
13.00 Raijan Air on the air. Will be cruising on street altitude in trams, metro and on the street with their promo trolley (public)
15.00 Landing to Hakaniemi, Pitkänsillanranta (public)
18.00 Official terrace opening of Room Albert, Kalevankatu (public)
19.00 Private dining at Rivoletto (public)
21.00 To be published later...
24.00 dtm, Iso Roobertinkatu 28 (public)
04.15 Eerikin Pippuri, Eerikinkatu (public)

Delays more or less possible. All rights reserved for programme changes without any further notice.

[Published 29 April 2005]

Press releases / Raijan Air Legal Notice added

Raijan Air Board decided to add legal notice to our web page. You can find it from here.

[Published 16 January 2005]

Are you interested in us?

Due to our work on board, our web updates are uodated on irregular basis. If you want to know the latest changes in our routes and other info, feel free to sign in to our email letter. We will send it time by time and it will always include some surprice for you. You can join here by filling this form and pushing
'Push trolley, dolley' button. You better sign in, as many many new things are cuming in spring time 2005.

your email-address:

Post Scriptum: We realized today (05JAN05) that our email generator's engine was broken so if you thought that we just haven't send you any email - you're wrong!!! We have send already sooo many things and it's all gone to cyber space. But now this form barm above is working well. So feel free to add you to our email list. We promise not to sink you with our mails.

Raijan Air Board

Raijan Air celebrated this Christmas in Dubai. Our medical manager Tuomikukka wasn't there, as she's giving treatments in South Africa.

Due to increasing passenger levels we decided to recruite more crew to give our customers first class service on board. We have called Miss Helena to work with us. She will make her first flight on 1st of May 2005. Raijan Air wishes you all Happy New Year 2005
(for us it's gonna be even more fun than last year).
[Published 28 December 2004]

Raijan Air made an agreement with Canadian dairy company to deliver coffee milk to all Raijan Air flight from them. We are proud to offer our customers the one and only homo milk from Canada!

[Published 29 July 2004]

Raijan Air Official announcement:

There was lottery going on during the party night. Organization asked us to sell lottery tickets and we did. Hundreds of them. Around 2am they came and collect money and lottery tickets.

After that we haven't heard anything about it. It was an idea to make lottery around next days and publish the winner list on the Crew Service Desk window. So far we nor our colleagues on Finnair haven't seen the prizes.

Raijan Air has got several inqueries about the prizes. All we can do is to wonder the same. Only thing we can say in Finnish is that 'Meillä ei ole tähän osaa eikä arpaa'. I hope it was written right way, as Finnish language is soo difficult.

Next time buy only Original Raijan Air lottery tickets and you might win deliceous chicken risotto made by our flight kitchen in Kalkutta.
[Published 3 July 2004]

Due to increasing demands to make more flights we took a flight again on Tuesday, 8th June 2004. Unfortunately we had to fly this flight with less crew members on board, as one of us (Tuomikukka) had her holidays in Canada.

The night was big success, some pics are published online in our 'Girls on Tour 2' - section.
[Published 9 June 2004]

Few months ago we had an accident. It all started from heating passenger's food in the oven. Some olive oil leaked into the oven and it started to burn. Fire was under control soon, but cabin was half of smoke. Our captain decided to ventilate cabin and he requested to open the rear door. At the same time our IT-manager Maire went to toilet for piss and she forgot trolley on the aisle without breaks on. Our Cabin HR Manager Marketta roped herself to crewseat and opened back door. Due to huge difference in air pressure outside and inside the cabin, all loose items flow out with the smoke from the backdoor. Marketta closed the door immediately but she couldn't prevent the loss of trolley.

After few weeks we got our trolley back from the Spanish authorities. Unfortunately trolley was so badly damaged, that we could use it only as fresbee.
[Published 10 May 2004]

New meals from our Calcutta Flight Kitchen

Because of huge positive feedback about our special meals we have decided to refresh our GML (gay meal) special meal box - now you can choose pork faggots instead of homo sausage. This change in catering will be valid from 15th of May.

[Published 13 May 2004]

Employee of the month selected

Raijan Air Administration has selected Marketta to be an employee of the month. She has made success work with our company web pages and spread the word.

Raijan Air Cabin Supervisor Raija presented 'Employee of the month' prize for Raijan Air Cabin HR Manager Marketta in Mestaritalli, Helsinki (Finland). Marketta was doing sports when we catched her for prizing ceremony.

[Published 20 May 2004]